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Thanks for stopping by! I'm Freeman, an author, humor writer, and blogger. And this happy guy with me is Otis, one of the dogs I take for a walk in my neighborhood. He's also one of the characters in my next book project The Dogs of Beverlywood. More details coming soon! Follow me on Facebook and Instagram:

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I am known for my funny memoir Retail Hell that came out in hardcover in 2009 and its sequel Return To the Big Fancy released in 2012. They are available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and many book stores in various different formats. To Find out more about my books click here.







In 2007 I created the work humor blog Retail Hell Underground known as RHU,  as a place for retail workers to have a voice, laugh, rant,  and share stories and pics. To find out more about RHU and my other blogs go here.